Hey, my name is James and my life long dream was to one day build a website where people could buy tshirts with funny sayings on them… haha, no not really, but a long time ago before there were smart phones and websites where you could order what ever t-shirt you wanted with what ever saying you wanted on it I used to make my own shirts.  That’s right, I would take my ass down to OfficeMax (RIP) and buy that special printer paper you could iron onto a shirt!  But hey, I wanted to make my own shirts and that was the only way to do it at the time, so there I was.

I made all sorts of stuff that I would wear to bars or to music festivals, but the best one that always got the most compliments and a “Hey where did you get that?!” was my Future DILF shirt.  It has the prefect blend of cocky and funny that explain my personality well.  Anyways, here I am a few years too late starting a website to sell funny shirts like I used to make.  My only goal here is too make people laugh and help them make other people laugh when they see them out wearing that funny ass shirt they bought.



James @

Dilfy Co.